Monday, April 29, 2013

Playwright Corner - Steven Dietz | Private Eyes
Meet Steven Dietz: Author of Private Eyes. With over 40 plays produced nation-wide since 1981, Steven Dietz has made his mark on the theater world.

Dietz Fun Facts:

• Dietz is currently on the The University of Texas at Austin faculty in the College of Fine Arts for instruction in Playwriting and Directing.  See his BIO!

• Highlighted in an Austin Chronicle piece, it's known that Dietz shares his nastiest critic reviews as a learning tool that "someone won't like your play... and that's something you, as a playwright, need to deal with."  Read more of Robert Faires' article here.

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In an exclusive interview with Austin Entertainment Weekly on 4.15.13, Dietz advises up-and-coming theatre artists regarding success:

"Seek Expertise.  If you are the best writer/director/actor in your group, then you are in the wrong group.  Play in the bracket above you.  

Invite scrutiny.  Don't just "take" feedback/criticism, seek it out.  Welcome it and sharpen yourself against it.  This is not for the faint of heart."

Diligence and patience.  Do today's work, do the next's day's work.  Keeping showing up, whether the muse (or whatever) shows up or not.  Take the long view."

What's next for Dietz?  In the same interview he shares a bit from his next projects:

"[It's] a strange and hopefully somewhat magical love story set during WWII - FAUX PAUS; and I have notes for a small, intimate play about loss and gratitude - as yet unnamed."

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