Thursday, October 11, 2012

Press Pass | The Ogre

Big Idea had a fantastic opening weekend with the Sacramento premiere of Don Nigro's The Ogre! 

The View from the Seats | Patron Chat

"DO NOT MISS THIS ONE if you like "the meaning of life/what's it all about" philosophy.  Quirky and likable characters range from stuffy and proper, to recklessly flamboyant, to pragmatic realists.  The slow demise of the open-minded, rational main character - lucid and sane while at the same time physically deteriorating - is fascinating.  Be careful what you cling to, it may be your undoing." - Craig D.

"Had a great time seeing The Ogre last night... STELLAR performances!! The Ogre is a can't miss show!!" - Andie D.

"Big Idea Theatre's production of "The Ogre" is a book-nerd's delight--and it has a nice Halloween-y feel to it, too, what with all the ghosts." - Kel Munger, SN&R

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