Monday, August 22, 2011

ELLY Nomination Snapshots | Big Idea Theatre

Big Idea Theatre is thrilled by the overwhelming number of Elly Nominations awarded in the 2010 - 2011 season!  We couldn't be more appreciative of the artistic talent contributed by our fantastic company members and other collaborating Sacramento area theatre professionals.

The nominations for the 2010 season kick off with Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel, a poignant memory play that tells the tale of the five unmarried Mundy sisters and the summer of 1936 that changes their lives forever.  Dancing at Lughnasa takes home four nominations: Best Overall Drama, Best Direction (Shannon Mahoney), Best Set Design (Brian Harrower) and Best Supporting Actress (Jessica Chisum).
Photos by Lixxim Photography
The Underpants by Steve Martin focused on a sexually frustrated hausfrau and her bevy of besotted suitors and earned seven nominations: Best Overall Comedy, Best Set Design (Brian Watson), Best Leading Actress (Joelle Wirth), Best Supporting Actress (Kelly Yvonne Raines), Best Supporting Actor (Jouni Kirjola), Best Supporting Actor (Joshua Glenn Robertson) and Best Supporting Actor (Justin Munoz).
Photos by Lucas Blair Photography
Big Idea's 2011 season made quite a splash with Compleat Female Stage Beauty by Jeffrey Hatcher, a timeless, humorous, and heartbreaking examination of the effects of gender.  Compleat celebrates seven nominations: Best Overall Drama, Best Direction (Brian Harrower), Best Costume Design (Katrina Wolinski), Best Leading Actor (Benjamin T. Ismail), Best Leading Actress (Kristine David), Best Supporting Actress (Carrie Joyner) and Best Supporting Actress (Josephine Longo).
Photos by Lixxim Photography
David Auburn's Tony Award-winning Proof explored the fine line between genius and madness.  Big Idea's passionate, intimate and powerful drama about family and frailty snagged a nomination for Best Leading Actress (Jessica Berkey).
Photos by Lixxim Photography
William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure played with the duality of mankind and showcased the talents of seven actors cast as both hero and villain, comedian and tragedian.  This "Vienna Gone Wild" tale netted a nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Gina Williams).
Photos by Isaac Trumbo and Kirk Blackinton

Big Idea patrons travelled through the looking glass to Wonderland for the 2011 Little BIT players production of Alice in Wonderland, adapted by Warren Harrison.  Alice enjoys two nominations: Best Lead Young People's Play Actress (Andrea Kersten) and Best Supporting Young People's Play Actor (Gregory Smith).

Photos by Wade Lucas
The 2010 - 2011 Elly nominations are rounded out by David Rabe's intense linguistic roller coaster through Hollywood, Hurlyburly.  This edgy piece earned four nominations: Best Direction (Katie Chapman), Best Supporting Actor (Rick Eldredge), Best Supporting Actor (Dan Featherston) and Best Supporting Actress (Alexandra Ralph Evans).
Photos by Isaac Trumbo and Katie Chapman
Congratulations go out to the 56 other Sacramento Area theatres on their well-deserved nominations!  Click here for a complete list of nominees on SARTA's website.

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