Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He's Coming... (Director's Blog) | King of Shadows


Wow. This show just continues to remind me over and over again why I love directing. Its all about working with talented people.

 From cast to crew this show has been a joy. We start building the set this week and I can't wait to see it all materialize out of the fog. (No really! There's a fog machine!)

Here's what we're working on! This is some of the concept art that will be worked into the Aguirre-Sacasa inspired comic-book set design. Vince Natad is an artistic demigod in my eyes. I'm so excited to get to feature his talents.

My cast is wonderful. But I'll let their work speak for itself when you come see the show. But I will say each one of these rock stars is doing something additional to acting for the show. Whether its designing a set or exposing me to new music for the show or finding new research material all of these guys are pouring something very special into this.

-Benjamin T Ismail

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