Thursday, May 26, 2011

Press Pass | Hurlyburly

People are raving about the dark journey that is Hurlyburly. With strong content and graphic language, this show packs quite a punch!

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  1. Each viewing of a BIT production begins with the unexpected grasp of my senses- each and every one of them- until I’m twisting in a tornado that grows with every performance. The power of the initial lift, the wind that tosses me from actor to actor, hell- the whole storm- seems only to increase with each passing production.

    'Hurlyburly' did not open up a chasm inside. It did something much more difficult- it illuminated one. Every fear of inaction or of the wrong action taken, every fight had or witnessed, every friend had, every missed connection, every misunderstanding, every lie told, every love, every failure, every loss, and every night that you’d laugh, half-heartedly, and knowing it never to be the case, when someone wished you “pleasant dreams.” All illuminated; put under a hot and knowing spotlight.

    This production of 'Hurlyburly' is incredibly powerful, and it is testament yet again to the might and the many possibilities of live theatre, and to the knowledge and the absolute prowess with which the Big Idea Theatre lends itself to that art.

    I only wish I saw this earlier, so that I could share this with my friends and hope they come out to support the production. But, all is not lost. As always, I am eagerly awaiting the next play. Thank you BIT!