Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sacramento Delivers

In response to the Forbes magazine listing of Sacramento as #5 for "Most Miserable Cities of 2011," Valerie Fioravanti of Sacramento News and Review reminds us that Sacramento and Big Idea still deliver.
"I’ve been disappointed on and off Broadway, but I haven’t missed a play by the Big Idea Theatre group in months. I’ve fallen out of my chair laughing and taken an elbow to my sternum. Their last production, 'Compleat Female Stage Beauty,' got me both ways."
We also appreciate her attitude for growing and developing Sacramento:
"If you're bored here, get your DIY on. Change what you don’t like, add on rather than tear down." 

Building up Sacramento, especially the arts community, takes commitment, collaboration and creativity. Be a part of the movement in any way that you can.

• Think, think, think.  Start with an idea, any idea, and see how you can make it something BIG.  Consider what and who you know to create a network of people that you can collaborate with.  Big ideas motivate us to come together to work outside of what is easy and challenge us to put those thoughts into action.

• Volunteer your services.  Find a group that you believe in and give the gift of your time.  Both on and off stage, non-profit community theaters rely on the donated time, talents and energy of the community to bring the creative process of storytelling to life.  Knowledge and skills in administration, construction, advertising, marketing, photography, web design, fashion, printing, fundraising, technology and more can be a huge asset to groups in need.

• Donate! No monetary donation is too large or too small - it all adds up to something great.  The success of any business is directly related to the success of its community, so sponsoring a non-profit enriches the community that is depended upon.  Tight budget?  Non-profits are also in need of other donations - technology, supplies, services, and anything else that gets them through the daily tasks of running an organization.

• Become a patron.  Sure, you enjoy it, but it's not just about the fun.  Your continued participation and feedback make a difference.  Not only does it keep the lights on, it is the reason why non-profits do what they do.  Without you, it ends.

• Talk, talk, talk.  After your experience, start a dialogue.  Blog it.  Facebook it.  Yelp it.  Tweet it. Get the word out and get other people thinking (or better yet - doing!) by sharing your thoughts, opinions and questions. 

Support the arts community and support Sacramento!

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