Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Behind the Lens with Lixxim Photography | Spotlight Feature

Meet Eugene Gavryush. 
"I became a photographer not by chance; I just really fell in love with it."
He's the man behind the camera at Lixxim Photography.  With his unique gift for storytelling, Eugene has been donating his time and talent to the Big Idea Theatre since 2009.
A Streetcar Named Desire • September 2009
Almost, Maine • February 2010
Dancing at Lughnasa • July 2010
Compleat Female Stage Beauty • January 2011

BIT: Tell us a little about yourself.
E: Well, my name is Eugene... Originally, I am not from the U.S., nor Germany or Sweden (the latter two are the top guesses).  I'm from Russia, East part of the Black Sea to be exact.  My family and I came here over 13 years ago.  I went to college to study Computer Science, then switched to IT and now I'm a photographer... makes sense, right?

I have been shooting for a few years now and I enjoy every bit of it, even when it's not easy.

BIT: Why did you become a photographer?
E: I became a photographer not by chance; I just really fell in love with it.  The whole process from capturing something, working on it afterwards and satisfying people with the end product makes me happy.

Always being interested in art and drawing was a start, presumably.  Photography is just the right medium for me, for now.

BIT: We each have something or someone that inspires our life and work.  Your source of inspiration?
E: The source of inspiration, for me, comes surprisingly when I'm away from the camera.  Going on a bike ride somewhere new or a new part of town almost always give me new ideas.  Taking trips away from everything and just being able to clear the mind and concentrate helps greatly. 

Seeing other photographers' and artists' work helps in another way, by giving ideas as to how I may improve my work, but not copy.

BIT: Name one thing you can't leave you home without.
E: Right now it's my iPhone, especially after starting on a second year of Project 365 where I take a photo every day and upload it to my Flickr stream.  A couple of my friends are doing it too, which motivates us to do better each day.

BIT: What's your usual equipment setup?
E: Canon 5D Mark II with 85mm and 70-200L 2.8 lenses.  Weddings include the use of 24-70 L 2.8 as well as 35 1.4 and 50 1.4 lenses.  Off camera lights as needed.

BIT: Are you a MAC or PC?
E: Both actually.  My main workstation is a PC, but my sub-work station and on-the-go machine is a Mac Book Pro.

BIT: The hardest thing about being a photographer?
E: The financial part and all the paperwork involved with any business.  Well, the paperwork isn't really hard, just tedious.

BIT: The best?
E: Freedom and making your own schedule.

BIT: Something most people forget about Sacramento?
E: The variety of cuisine from all over the world is right here in Sacramento, and most importantly, hundreds of art pieces all over town.  The airport, midtown businesses, shopping centers, etc., all have at least a few pieces from local artists.

BIT: Where do you focus your community support?
E: Mainly on helping other people, especially people in need.  Be it Habitat for Humanity or volunteering photography services to a small non-profit.

BIT: What would you like to see in Sacramento in the coming years?
E: More places that would bring new people to town.  The New Crocker Art Museum is great! Something like that but maybe in a different realm of art would be another great addition.  More high rises in downtown, specifically where the empty land lots are now.

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